Managing Tags and Work Types

This topic gives you general information about using tags and work types in TMetric. They can help you filter projects when creating reports, thus saving your time on the search. 

Tags allow you to label time entries for easy categorization of your work time. In turn, work types can simplify client invoicing and billing process, since the time will be billed based on the rates of the work types defined in the Work Types section of the project.

On the Tags page, you can easily manipulate both tags and work types: create, search, rename or delete them. 

To create a tag, you should click the New Tag button and enter a name for it. If you want to create a work type for a particular project, you can do it in the work type editor. Just click the New Work Type button and enter the information you need (its name, a billable rate and a project it belongs to). 

You can learn more about tags and work types in the Categorizing Time topic. 

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