How teamwork makes the dream work

How teamwork makes the dream work

Why teamwork is important

Effective teamwork is the driving force of business success and the dreamwork of any team member.

Components of great teamwork:

  • Clear responsibilities for coordinating team efforts

    Clear responsibilities ensure that team members know what is expected of them and how their work fits into the overall vision of the specific project, in particular, and company growth overall.
    To enable teams to have an unbroken workflow, team leaders assign roles along with clearly listed job descriptions that relate to the following questions 'Who does what?', 'What is the goal?', 'What are the expectations of each member of the team?'

  • Positive leadership for constructive feedback

    Positive leadership inspires confidence in teams by showing that they are valued members of a growing business. Leadership should be encouraging and supportive, but also direct when necessary.
    Efficient leaders provide feedback at all project stages and have good conflict-resolution skills.

  • Open communication for maintaining speed and working on high priorities

    Open communication is an important means of productive teamwork. It removes barriers in any kind of environment including remote and hybrid and fosters creativity.
    It also allows for constructive criticism, which is essential for improvement and growth.

  • Recruiting professionals for seamless working together toward a common goal

    It takes more than just the skills of a few individuals to make something of value.
    It makes recruiting talented people a must-have requisite of organizing teamwork. Hiring professionals ensures that you have the right people in place who complement each other well to achieve project goals stress-free.

  • Strong team-oriented culture for creating a healthy work environment

    A strong culture built around teams brings everyone together with a common mission and purpose. Develop an organizational culture that promotes teamwork by writing and sharing organizational values across the team.
    It makes a positive impact on the retention rate, which is higher in businesses with team-oriented cultures.

Secrets of Great Team Work

In a business environment, great teamwork breaks down to:

  • Powerful collaboration

    Powerful collaboration

  • A clear understanding  of one's tasks and how much time is spent on them

    A clear understanding of one's tasks and how much time is spent on them

  • A flexible yet productive workday

    A flexible yet productive workday

  • Effective measurement of productivity

    Effective measurement of productivity

You can achieve all these goals if you apply time tracking.

Why Time Tracking

Time tracking is a secret ingredient that empowers your team by:

  • making them accountable
  • eliminating the need for micro-management

You can then use this data to see what needs improvement—or what's working really well! You'll also be able to see who's taking too much time off (if any), which helps with turnover and morale issues.
If you want your team to be more productive, accountable, and efficient—time tracking is a must!

Time tracking screen

Why track time with TMetric

  • Team management

    Team management

    Team time tracking helps teams from any place work together more efficiently.

    • create a system of accountability
    • foster innovation
    • ensure teams are working on the right things
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  • Task management

    Task management

    The most efficient people manage their time, and the most efficient teams manage their tasks and get the most done.

    • accomplish goals
    • increase productivity
    • make team building easier
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  • Get critical information

    Get critical information

    How can you make your team work as effectively as possible? How can you avoid the pitfalls of remote working? With time tracking you can make sure that you see everything clearly.

    • track activity
    • capture screenshots
    • analize tracked time
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  • Dive into the details

    Dive into the details

    In the absence of detail, you run a risk of wasting time and resources. Take the mystery out of teamwork with precise time tracking data.

    • see earnings, cost, and profit
    • schedule team work
    • manage leaves and holidays
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