Track time for each project, client, task

TMetric can be useful for freelance designers and design agencies who work for a client on an hourly basis or at a fixed price. You can automatically measure every minute you spent on a client's task/project and show your work results. Clear reporting and simple invoicing of a client are the main aspects of building a successful and long-term relationship with a client.

Manage your remote design team

TMetric can be used as a simple team management tool if you have a remote design team or numerous freelancers. You can set rates and roles for every team member and gather user activity statistics for any period. Rates setting helps you clearly see how much money every designer earned according to his/her spent time. With TMetric, it will be much easier and clearer for you to calculate salary for every person in your team, even if you have hundreds of employees.

Stay creative wherever you are

No matter where you are - on a meeting with a client or crafting a new design, you can track time from about anywhere. TMetric is available as a web service (Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox), a desktop app (available on MacOS, Linux, and Windows) and as a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Track time in your favorite apps

TMetric integrates with dozens of popular productivity apps like Asana, Trello, Jira, ToDoist and many more. It allows you to track time of every task/issue/project/activity which you do in those apps and build convenient activity reports in TMetric.

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Pricing Overview

Limited to 5 users
per Month per User
  • Time tracking
  • Unlimited projects and clients
  • Reporting
  • Web app integrations
  • Billable rates and money tracking
  • Budgeting for projects
  • Invoicing
  • Task management
  • Activity levels for employees
  • Apps and sites usage reports
  • Client logins for access to reports
  • Payroll for employees
  • Time tracking permissions
  • Time-sync with QuickBooks
  • Time-sync with JIRA and Redmine

Discounts available for design agencies with large teams. Check detailed pricing and discounts.