Redmine: Synchronizing Time

Time synchronization

Time synchronization starts immediately after you enable it. Time entries are synchronized automatically every hour, unless you initiate synchronization manually on the Integrations page.

If you change the time interval that has been already synchronized, this change will be uploaded to Redmine in the next synchronization.

Managing Redmine integration

To view and edit all your Redmine integrations, go to Workspace and click Integrations.

On the Integrations page, you can:

  • Run an immediate synchronization by clicking the Sync Time Now button. In this case, the next synchronization will be exactly one hour away from the time you synchronized.
  • View log to see the results of synchronization
  • Edit the integration settings
  • Delete the integration. When you delete the integration, all time entries associated with this integration will be unassigned from the relevant Redmine instance.


Below we describe possible errors, which can occur during synchronization and how to get rid of them: 

Default activity should be added to Redmine enumerations

Reason: A default activity type is not declared in Redmine enumerations

Solution: Tick a default-value checkbox for activity in Redmine enumerations. 

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