GitLab Time Tracking

TMetric is a free work time tracking web app for professionals and companies. It integrates with GitLab and other widely used project management systems. Use TMetric to track time spent on tasks directly from GitLab.

Below is the instructions on how to integrate TMetric with GitLab. 

Preparing to track your work time in GitLab

Let's setup TMetric so it can correctly capture your work time from GitLab. 

1. Create TMetric account. It will take a few minutes.

2. Install one of the following TMetric browser extensions depending on a browser you prefer: 

3. (optional) After registration, you can also install a time tracking desktop app, so you could track your work activity in details.

Now when you are all set, you can proceed to track work time in GitLab. 

Tracking time in GitLab. How it works

Before explaining how it works, it is assumed that you already have an account in GitLab and created a project in it.

When you create or open a task in GitLab, you will see the TMetric Start timer button as shown in the screenshot below.


Click the button, and TMetric will start recording your GitLab working time. Notice that the Start timer button changes to the Stop timer button and displays the time spent on the issue.

If you have the status of Owner or Admin when first starting the timer for the issue, TMetric pulls out from GitLAb the project name of the issue and automatically creates a project with the same name in your TMetric account.   

The issue will appear on the Tracker page in the TMetric web app. The name, ID, and project of the issue are the same as in GitLab.

You can easily navigate back to GitLab by clicking the issue ID (in our case ID is #20064).

Time entry GitLab