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Approving Timesheets

Timesheet locking

Note: Timesheets can be locked and unlocked by the workspace owner or assigned admin.

Timesheets locking is useful when you need to prepare an invoice or report for a client and want to restrict regular members from adding, modifying, or deleting their time and tasks before a specified date. 

To lock a timesheet:

  1. Go to Workspace on the main menu and click Settings.
  2. Check the Lock timesheets option and specify the number of days that can be edited by regular members.

For example, once you specified 3 day to lock timesheets, regular members won't be able to edit their time entries that are older than 3 days. The workspace owner and assigned admin can still add and edit time in the locked period.

Lock timesheets

Managing billable time

The workspace owner and assigned admin can review and edit timesheets of other members of the workspace. It is recommended to review and approve the timesheets when you need to report on a project or invoice a client for the tracked time and expenses.

For instance, there is an agreement that a client does not pay for the overtimes on a certain project. So, before invoicing the client, you need to review the timesheets of the members involved in the project to issue an accurate invoice.

To review and edit the time of other workspace members:

  1. Click My Time in the top-right corner, the list of teams and users will open.
  2. Click a particular user to open his/her timesheet. If you want to see the time of all users, click the See all users link, and then click a required user to open his/her timesheet for editing.
  3. Use the back and forth arrows or the drop-down calendar in the top-left corner to switch to a required day.
  4. On the timeline, select a period of the overtime and click Add task for selection.
  5. Enter a name of the task, select a project, and clear the Billable checkbox to make the time non-billable. You can also tag the task as "overtime". 
  6. Click Save and the task will be added to the timesheet as a separate non-billable time entry. 

non-billable time