How to Buy a Subscription

When a 30-day trial period ends, you can purchase a subscription. We offer two paid plans: Business and Professional. You can check out their detailed comparison here

Note: Only a workspace owner can purchase a subscription.

To buy a subscription

  1. Navigate to Workspace and click Subscription
  2. On the opened page, click the Upgrade Now button. 
  3. Choose the team size.
  4. Select the appropriate pay frequency (annually or monthly). 
  5. Choose the Business or Professional Plan. 
  6. Click Proceed to Checkout
  7. Input your billing and payment information. 
  8. Click Place Order

If you accidentally click Choose Free Plan, you can click Upgrade Now again and go through the procedure above.

Order processing usually takes a couple of minutes. Sometimes it can take half an hour (when the order is being checked). Until your order is not processed, you will be on the Free Plan. 

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