How to Unlock Users After Trial

Once a trial period is over, workspace members except 5 are locked automatically. TMetric locks users according to the following algorithm: first, regular users are locked in the order they were added to a workspace. Admins will be locked the last.

In the Members list, the locked users will have the Locked by Subscription status. All data related to them remain unaffected. 

You might need to unlock certain users:

  • If you buy a subscription for a less number of users than it was during the trial period.
  • When you switch to the Free Plan, but during the trial period you've added 5 or more users (besides yourself).

Since a TMetric subscription plan allows only a fixed number of users, for which you paid, you will have to first lock the unnecessary users to unlock the required ones. 

To unlock users locked by subscription

  1. Navigate to Workspace and click Members.
  2. Find an unnecessary user, click the menu next to the user and select Lock Member.
  3. Find a required user among the locked ones, click the menu button next to the user and select Unlock Member.

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