TMetric Documentation

Adjusting Time Off Balance for Team Members

You may need to adjust an employee's time off balance when:

  • A new employee is added to an existing time-off policy (for example, setting up vacation time available for him in the current year).
  • An extra day off is added to an employee's vacation (a bonus).
  • A balance is "reset" after a policy is edited (a vacation accrual schedule is changed).

To adjust a time off balance

1. Navigate to Time Off on the main menu, and then click Balances

2. On the Time Off Balances page, find a user whose time off balance you want to change, and click the menu icon next to his name. 

Adjust Time Balance

 3. Select Adjust Balance to open a dialog box where you can make necessary changes: either add or subtract time off. Here is a list of the fields you need to fill in:

  • Action - an action applied to a balance. 
  • Amount - the number of hours you want to add or subtract to/from an employee's balance. 
  • Effective Date - a date when the changes will be applied. 
  • Reason - a reason for adjusting a balance. 

Adjust Balance Window 

4. Once you finish, click Adjust and an employee's balance is successfully updated.