How to Add a Time Off Policy

Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to add a time off policy. What to include in the policy depends on its type, purpose and company rules. 

What is a Time Off Policy

A time-off policy represents company rules according to which employees can earn and spend their vacation, sick leave, and personal time off. It regulates time off accrual and compensation.  

Using time off policies allows companies to reduce the number of unscheduled absences and lets employees know exactly what time off they are entitled to. 

Note: Only a workspace owner and admin have permission to create a policy in TMetric. Once a time-off policy is added, team members can create time-off requests

To add a time off policy

1. Navigate to Time Off on the main menu, then click Policies

2. On the Time Off Policies page, click the New Policy button. 

3. In the New Policy dialog box, configure the settings you need for the policy you're creating:

  • Name - a policy name, e.g., Annual vacation.
  • Color - lets you choose a color for a policy to distinguish it from others. You can select a policy icon too. 

  • Accrual schedule - sets time off accrual frequency:
    • Daily - time off is accrued every day;
    • Weekly - time off is accrued on the first day of the week; 
    • Monthly - time off is accrued on the first day of the month;
    • Annuallytime off is accrued on the 1st of January of each year;
    • None - no time is accrued automatically. 
  • Amount accrued - the amount of time a user will accrue based on an accrual schedule. 
  • Maximum accrual - the maximum amount of time allowed to accumulate within a policy you create. 
  • Paid - specifies whether employees' time off will be paid or not.
  • Requires approval -  specifies whether a day off should be approved by a manager or not.
  • Balance resets annually (1st of January) - specifies whether employees lose unused time off at the beginning of every year. 
  • Allow negative balance - enables employees to ask for time off even when a time balance limit is over or exceeded. 
  • Allow only full-day time-off requests - allows employees to ask for time off only by taking full working days and disallows combining working time and time off into one calendar day.

What is Amount Accrued

Amount accrued represents the number of hours an employee receives on a periodic basis - daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. An accrual rate depends on the workday length of each member. For instance, if your employee's workday lasts 8 hours, he will earn 8 hours of time off.

4. Click Add Members to assign employees to the policy you're creating. When you add members, you need to pick an Accrual start date for each of them. 

Add Policy Member

5. When you're done, click Save. A newly created policy is added to the policies list on the Time Off Policies page.  

What is an Accrual Start Date

Accrual Start Date is a day when an employee vacation starts accruing (accumulating). As a rule, this date should match the day of an employee's employment. When switching the whole company to TMetric, you should do it in another way

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