TMetric Documentation

Creating an Invoice

The workspace owner or assigned admin can create an invoice.

To create an invoice:

1. Go to Invoices on the main menu and click New Invoice.

2. Pick your client.

3. Under the Time Range, select a required time period for the invoice.

4. Pick a project to invoice for.

5. Select an invoice type: By person hours, By project hours, By task hours, or Detailed Line Items.

6. Click Save.

Create invoice

Once you click Save, you'll see a draft of the invoice. 

Draft of an invoice

Editing an invoice

If you need to edit an invoice go to Invoices on the main menu, click a required invoice and then click the Edit Invoice button. In the Edit Invoice dialog box, you may specify additional details, such as Invoice ID, purchase order number, discount, issue date, tax, due date, invoice subject.

Editing invoice