TMetric Documentation

Creating and Editing Projects

Note: This functionality is available only for the workspace owner and the assigned admin.

Create a project when you plan to manage a set of interrelated tasks that may be shared between a number of members. 

To create a project:

1. On the main menu, click Projects. The Projects page will open. Here, you can see the list of existing projects (if any).


2. Click New Project

3. Under the General tab, type the name of the project. You can also specify the client and select an avatar for the project.

New project 

4. If the project is billable, select the Billable checkbox and specify the invoice method, project rate (in case you select By project rate as an invoice method), project currency, and optionally additional information on the project in the Notes field. 

If you choose By person rate as an invoice method for the project, you can set a specific billable rate for each member in the project. This rate will apply to all of the hours that the member tracks to that project. You can do this under the Team tab after you add members to the project.

For more information on billable rates, please refer to the Billable Rates and Cost Rates topic.

5. To set a budget for the project, click the Budget tab. Under the Budget tab, select Has budget checkbox, select the budgeting method and budget size. 

For more information on budgeting, please refer to the Setting up budget topic.

project budget

6. To add members to the project, click the Team tab and select members/teams from the list. Use the Find user... text box to quickly find a user/team you need. 

add project members

7. Click Add and the table with project members will appear under the Team tab.

8. Use the action overflow button  to edit the project member list. You can remove a member from the list or make him/her a manager.

edit project member list 

Note: When there are no members added to a project, the project is considered to be public. A public project is visible for all members of your workspace, and every member can log his/her time to this project. The project is public until you assign at least one member to it. A private project is a project visible only to members of the project, an assigned project manager, owner, and admin.

There are two ways to make a project private:

  1. Add at least one member to the project.
  2. Click the private link at the bottom of the New Project page. You will be automatically assigned the status of the Manager project. 

Editing Projects

Note: This functionality is available only for the workspace owner and assigned admin. Project managers can edit project information, however, billing information, such as project currency, invoice method, and project rate, is not available to them.

1. On the main menu, click Projects. The Projects page will open.

2. If you want to change the status of a project, click the Action overflow button Action overflow button next to the project and select one of the available options: 

  • Edit - opens the Edit Project page, which is discussed below in this topic.
  • Active - is a project in progress, for which you can record your work time.   
  • Done- when you set the Done status for a project, it will appear in reports, you can still see it in time entries, but you cannot log time or add tasks to this project.
  • Archived - when you make the project Archived, it won't appear in the list of projects. To show and hide archived projects, use the Show Archive/Hide Archive button. The archived projects are not visible in reports. When you make the project Archived, you can still see it in your time entries, but you cannot log time or add tasks to this project.
  • Delete - use to remove a project from your workspace.


3. If you want to edit project settings, click the project you want to edit, the Edit Project page will open. On this page, change the required settings and click Save.

Edit project page