Invoicing Your Client

The account owner or assigned admin can use the Detailed Report to invoice a client. The report shows a detailed information on billable work time and billable amount for each client and project. Customizable filters allow you to retrieve the precise information you need - a specific team, project, tags, billable/non-billable time, etc., which can be drilled down to details on separate time entries.

Prior to generating the report, you may need to lock timesheets to restrict regular members from adding, modifying, or deleting their time and tasks before a specified date. 

Once you have reviewed and approved the report, you can mark the selected time as invoiced. The time becomes locked from editing or deleting by anyone to ensure the final report includes accurate information and will not be changed in future. 

Note: The Mark time as invoiced feature is a Professional plan feature and is available only for the account owner or assigned admin.

A normal workflow for invoicing a client is as follows: 

  1. Go to Reports and click Detailed Report.
  2. Select a date range for the report.
  3. Use filters to select a client, project(s). Then select Billable time and click Apply Filter.
  4. For convenience, group the data by Project/User.
  5. Click Mark Time and select Invoiced. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the action. The dialog box shows сurrent filter selections. If everything is correct, click Mark Time.

    Mark Time as Invoiced info

  6. Click Export, select as PDF, and save the file to a required directory. The PDF file can be sent to a client as an invoice.

    Detailed report as an invoice

  • You can filter the data in the report to show just Invoiced, Uninvoiced, Billable, Non-billable time. This feature allows you to easily check the time that has already been invoiced and what time is yet to be invoiced.
  • You can revert the time marked as invoiced by making it or a portion thereof Uninvoiced. To do this, in the Detailed report, click the Billable time filter, select Invoiced, and click Apply Filter. Then click the Mark Time button and select Uninvoiced. The uninvoiced can be edited.