Example: Configuring company time off policy from start to finish

To understand how to correctly set up a company time off policy, let's dive into a real-life practical example. 


Our company has a vacation policy according to which 1 day off is accrued to each employee monthly. An employee can accumulate not more than 24 days off. Newcomers can ask for vacation time after a 6 months period of employment. Originally, time off calculation is performed in a spreadsheet file.

1. Add new policy 

We want to configure a vacation policy for our company in TMetric. This will help us to reduce the time spent on managing employee time off and will simplify the procedure for requesting days off.  

First, we name our policy, for example, Vacation. After that, we set up the accrual options:

  • Accrual schedule to Monthly (time off is accrued at the beginning of each month)
  • Amount accrued - 8 hours per month (1 day off)
  • Maximum accrual - 192 hours (24 days off)

We turn on the Paid option since our company provides paid time off benefits for its employees.

When a user asks for time off, managers should approve his request. For this, we need to enable the Requires approval option. 

Upon agreement, employees can take one or two days off ahead of time. So, we turn on the Allow negative balance option. 

2. Add members to policy

Once all policy settings are configured, we can assign members to it. For this, click Add Members, check the users' names you want to add and set the Accrual start date to the first day of the current month

Add Members To Policy

3. Adjust user balances

We have a user named Joseph Mannix. Today he has 3 days off (24 hours). We want to add his real time off balance stored in the spreadsheet file:

  • Open the Balances page, find Joseph Mannix in the list.
  • Click the action menu on his name and select Adjust Balance
  • In the opened dialog, add 16 hours (8 hours are already added).
  • Specify the reason for the change (e.g., Initial balance transfer).
  • Click the Adjust button.
  • Repeat this procedure for all the users. 

Add Intial Balance

Now when a policy is created, employees can request time off from work. 

How to restrict using days off by an employee on probation

Today a new employee comes to our company. Vacation time will be accrued since the day he starts to work. But we want to restrict him from requesting time off during the first 6 months of employment. So, let's see how to do it. 

  1. Add a user to a vacation policy and set the Accrual start date to the day when you want to allow the user to take time off from work.
  2. Go to the Balances page, click the action menu on the user name you’ve just added and select Adjust Balance.
  3. Add 40 hours to the balance.
  4. Set the Effective date to the same day as the Accrual start date.
  5. Specify the adjustment reason and click the Adjust button.

Accumulated Time Off

 Now a newcomer will be able to use vacation time only in six months. 

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