Setting Time Tracking Permissions for Your Team

This topic explains how to enable or disable manual time editing for users, and set those ones who are allowed to track time with a mobile device.

Manual time editing restriction

To prevent employees from stealing time at work, the workspace owner or administrator can set the default policy for manual time editing for the whole company or a particular employee. In this case, only the workspace admin can perform some other functions, e.g. editing or deleting time entries. 

If this option is turned off for the employees, they can only start and stop the timer to track their working hours. The only thing they can do in this case is editing properties of an active time entry.

If the Manual Time Editing option is disabled, the desktop app will detect the idle time that you’ve been away from the computer and stop the timer in 10 minutes of inactivity. 

Controlling mobile time tracking

If you want your team members to work only at their desks, you as a workspace admin can disallow mobile time tracking for them. As well, there is a possibility of overriding this restriction for individual members if necessary. 

Mobile Time Tracking


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