TMetric Documentation

Terms Used in Time Tracking

This topic provides descriptions of basic terms used in the description of the time tracking functionality of TMetric. The terms are listed in alphabetical order.

Break is a span of nonworking time between two Time Entries within one workday. 

Default billable rate is an hourly billable rate associated with an account. The default billable rate is assigned to all new projects with the invoice method By Project Rate automatically. You can override this rate within each specific project.

Long-running timer is a started timer that has not been stopped for more than 10 hours. Long-running timer blocks time editing until you fix it

Member billable rate is an hourly billable rate associated with a specific member of an account. Member billable rates are assigned to members of a new project with the invoice method By Person Rate automatically. You can override these rates within each specific project.

Member cost rate is an internal hourly billable rate you pay to your employees.

Project-specific billable rate is an hourly billable rate assigned to a specific project. It can be a project rate defined within a project with the invoice method By project rate, or billable rates of members involved in the project with the invoice method By person rate.

Rounding is an option allowing you to round time in reports. Rounding does not apply to actual time entries.

Task is work that is performed by a user. TMetric tracks time spent on execution of tasks. One task may be linked with several Time Entries

  • Internal task - a task created right inside TMetric in the Tasks area. 
  • External task - a task retrieved from another system, with which TMetric is integrated.

Time Entry is a continuous span of work time, within which a user was performing one Task. Time entry has a beginning and an end. Time entry cannot be longer than 12 hours. Time entry can be created manually or by means of Timer

Time Span is a random span of work time, highlighted on the Timeline with the help of the mouse pointer. Time span can include both working time and non-working time. 

Timeline is a visual representation of a workday in the form of a horizontal scale with time marks. The timeline may also be displayed together with User Activity. 

Timer is an automatic time tracking tool. Running timer creates a new active Time Entry. While the timer is running, the duration of the active Time Entry increases simultaneously with the course of time.

User Activity is a visual representation of a workday applications that were active on a user's computer. User activity is collected by the desktop client when the Timer is started (user activity is not collected during the nonworking time). It is visually represented as a set of vertical bars above the Timeline