Manage time of any team in any part of the world

TMetric is a perfect solution for outsourcing and remote teams of any size, freelancers working from home or individual contractors all over the world. You can monitor their work hours even if they have a different time zone.

Monitor your team performance

With TMetric`s Team Monitoring functionality, you can monitor work performance of every team member, track assigned tasks and get information about the cost rate of each employee or contractor to calculate salaries with a few clicks. 

Create time reports for teams

A detailed and simple reporting system in TMetric allows you to evaluate the results of your team’s work. The Team Summary report shows summarized information on all the members of your team. The data is organized by person, team, work days, time, time balance, and billable time.

Integrate with the tools your team uses

Does your team work with Trello boards, lists, and cards, GitHub issues or Redmine tasks? Great! TMetric integrates with dozens of team and project management systems. Simply click the TMetric Start timer button directly from the system you use and monitor the performance of your team.

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