Billable hours tracking for each client

TMetric can be useful for every consultant who works for a client on an hourly basis. You can automatically measure every minute spent on a client's task/project, assign different billable rates per project, work type or person. For consulting firms, it will be useful to set up billable rates and cost rates for each member of the team.

Track time in your favorite apps

Used to create client’s reports in Google Docs or Google Sheets? Record appointments in Google Calendar? Create lists in ToDoist or cards in Trello? Great! TMetric integrates with nearly 40+ apps, which gives you an option to use a time tracking feature in your favourite apps.

Mobile and Desktop Time Tracking

Consultants often conduct their researches in home-offices, consulting firms or client’s office, as well as provide advice when travelling. Therefore, it is very important to track consulting hours everywhere on any devices. TMetric can be installed as a mobile phone application on Android or iOS, as well as a desktop application on any convenient operating system - Windows, macOS, Linux

Detailed reports and simple invoicing

Clear time reports and simple invoicing help to build a trusting and successful relationship with a client for future work. Create detailed reports with data grouped by day, user, time entry, project/client, and time (duration). Invoice your clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the contract.

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