TMetric Admin Guide

Instructions and information on how to configure, maintain, and optimize the software

Chapter 1

Data Management

How to import data to TMetric?

As a user of the TMetric Business or Professional plan, you can request data import from the system you’ve previously used.

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Data backup and recovery

TMetric data backup is an essential aspect of safeguarding your important information. All off-site backups of your data are securely encrypted. We don’t store credit card numbers on our servers and generally make sure your data is safe.

Database backups are stored in Azure Storage accounts. Data center is located in the West Europe Azure region (the Netherlands).

In order to accommodate customers who need older data restored, we keep backups for 30 days and cannot delete Personal Data from them as these are stored off-site, encrypted and compressed. Your Personal Data will be automatically deleted along with obsolete backups 30 days after we delete your data from the main database.

Some third party services collect data independently from us, and have incorporated it as part of their service. We do not store any copies of this data, and Data Subject Requests for this data must be submitted to the third party service, since we do not control the data.

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Data retention

We commit to securely storing data on behalf of Our customers in accordance with their Subscription Plan and time frames corresponding to each Subscription Plan. All data exceeding the stated time frame will be routinely and automatically deleted from Our systems.

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