TMetric Admin Guide

Instructions and information on how to configure, maintain, and optimize the software

Chapter 4

Subscription Management

Who can manage a Subscription

Only the workspace owner can view the current subscription plan and manage the existing subscriptions. It's a user who created the workspace.

A workspace can only have one owner. However, the workspace owner can transfer workspace ownership to another user.

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Free trial period

When you sign up to TMetric, you create and get a new workspace with a 30-day trial subscription. But if someone invites you to TMetric, a new workspace is not created in this case.

During the trial period, you can evaluate the product work. You can fully use all its features (available in the Business and Professional plans) and add an unlimited number of users.

You can see the number of trial days left at the bottom of your TMetric screen, as well as on the Subscription page.

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How to Buy a Subscription

Only a workspace owner can purchase a subscription.

To buy a subscription:

  1. Go to the Subscription page.
  2. On the Overview page, click the Upgrade Plan button.
  3. On the All Plans page, choose the team size.
  4. Select the appropriate pay frequency (annually or monthly).
  5. Choose the Business or Professional Plan.
  6. Input your billing and payment information.
  7. Click Place Order.
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How to Switch to the Free Plan

You can switch to the Free Plan both during your trial and after its expiration.

If you decide to switch to the Free Plan:

  1. Click the Choose Your Plan button on the main menu.
  2. On the All Plans page, click the Choose Free Plan button.
  3. In the opened dialog, click the Choose Free Plan button to confirm.
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How to Unlock Users After Trial

To unlock users locked by subscription, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to Workspace and click Members.
  2. Find an unnecessary user, click the menu next to the user and select Lock Member.
  3. Find a required user among the locked ones, click the menu button next to the user and select Unlock Member.
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How to Modify a Subscription

If you are the workspace owner, you can safely view and modify the current subscription. You can upgrade or downgrade the plan, add or delete users, and change the billing period. Additionally, you can renew your subscription both manually and automatically.

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Payment History and Invoices

This article explains where to find and view your payments for using TMetric in one place. You will also learn how to export your invoices to a PDF file for further financial reporting.

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How to Cancel a Subscription

Here you will learn how to cancel your TMetric subscription, if, at the moment, our product does not cover your needs. After canceling a subscription, you will still be able to issue a new one by making an upgrade.

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