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Account Settings

An account in TMetric is a workspace, where one or several users track their work time as a team. Everything in TMetric is assigned to a specific account - members, teams, projects, time entries, etc. Every user in the account has a role and hence different user access rights

Account Settings

To configure settings for an account:

1. Go to Manage and select Account or click the arrow next to the account's name and then click Manage My Accounts and select the required account. 

2. The Edit Account page opens where you can:

  • specify the account name;
  • set the default billable rate and currency, which will be applied to all new projects you create in the account;
  • select the first day of the week that will determine the appearance of the calendar and reports;
  • specify the time format for timesheet and reports;
  • round time in reports
  • lock timesheets and specify the number of preceding days regular members can edit.
  • show start and end time in the Detailed report
  • allow all members to create and edit public projects
  • allow creating tags on the fly
  • delete account

Account settings

Selecting time format for reports

In TMetric, you can select one of the 3 time formats:

  • Hours and minutes
  • Clock-like
  • Decimal hours 

The time format in decimal hours is very helpful for billing purposes, while the other two formats are more comprehensible for regular users. 

Note: When selecting decimal hours, in reports, the duration of each time entry is first rounded to the hundredth of an hour and then the durations are added up.

selecting time format


This option rounds all time entries in a report. You can choose a range for rounding: Down to nearest, To nearest, and Up to nearest.

This option can be turned off for each specific report on the report page.

rounding time in reports

User Roles in Account

There are three ways you can start in an account:

  1. When you create the account. In this case, you are the Owner of the account and have maximal privileges - you can see and do anything within the account. 
  2. When you got invited to the account. In this case, you are a regular member and can see and edit only your own time.
  3. When you are granted the Owner/Admin rights by another Owner/Admin in the account.

Read more about user roles in an account in the User Access Rights topic.

User Account vs My Profile 

You should not confuse an Account with My Profile

My Profile is a personal area containing user-specific data and settings. My profile can be understood as a customizable desktop environment, where a user can edit the name, set the time zone, date/time format, the first day of the week, and activate the option Show breaks in the list on the Tracker page.

My profile