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Setting Work Schedule and Holidays

The following section gives brief guidelines about how to create your company's work schedule with preferable workday length, additional workdays and holidays. 

How to set Work Schedule and Holidays

TMetric provides you with a possibility to configure your work schedule, change the workday length and pick holidays and additional workdays. You should remember that this information affects the reports and your monthly time balance

To change the default settings and apply your custom ones, do the following:

1. Navigate to Workspace and click Settings in the drop-down menu. 

2. On the Workspace Settings page, click Work Schedule in the right side menu. 

3. Now you can make any changes you want, for example: 

  • In the Workweek section, you can select which days are working days in your company.
  • The Workday length value specifies the duration of a working day.  If you don't need your monthly time balance, you should leave the Workday length field empty. 
  • By clicking the Add Date button in Holidays, you can add dates of national or other holidays in your country.
  • The Additional Workdays option allows you to specify the dates of extra workdays.

Work Schedule Setting

How Work Schedule relates to Reports

The data you specify on the Work Schedule page directly influences your reports, since the Time Balance column shows the difference between the amount of logged time and the number of hours required by a work schedule.