Categorizing Time

Tags are used to categorize your working time. For example, if you work on a complex task that includes several minor sub-tasks, you can add tags denoting the sub-tasks you've been working on as part of the task.

Tags can be created, edited, and deleted only by the Administrator or Owner of an account.

Managing Tags

  1. Go to Manage and click Tags
  2. To add a tag, on the Tags page, type a tag name in the New tag field and click Add.
  3. To edit a tag, double-click the tag name, type in a new name, and press Enter.
  4. To delete a tag, click x next to the tag name you want to remove and confirm the deletion.

 Managing tags

Using Tags

Tags are added to a time entry as extra information. Time entry tags may be later used to filter data in a report.

You can attach a tag to a time entry using the time entry editor. Click Select Tags and choose a required tag. You can add more than one tag to your time entry.

adding tags

Tags in reports

Tags are visible in Tasks Summary, Detailed, and Daily reports. When you generate one of the reports, you can see them next to tasks, like on the following picture.

When preparing a report, you can filter tasks by tags. Click the Tag filter and select a tag/tags from the drop-down list. Then click Apply Filter.

tags in report