Using Tasks

This topic walks you through the basics of using tasks in TMetric and covers the following:

  • Creating Tasks
  • Editing Tasks
  • Filtering and Grouping Tasks
  • Bulk Editing 
  • Tracking and Viewing Time Spent on Tasks
  • Completing Tasks
  • Deleting Tasks

Tasks help you break down large projects without wasting your time on creating multiple sub-projects. 

In TMetric, there are two types of tasks: internal and external. External tasks are those that are derived from external web apps with which TMetric is integrated. Internal tasks are tasks that are created inside TMetric. This section is devoted to internal tasks. For convenience, we will simply refer to them as tasks.  

TMetric allows you to create and edit tasks inside your workspace. 

Creating Tasks

1. Go to Tasks on the main menu, the Tasks page will open.

2. Click Add Task, an empty entry for the task will appear.

3. Enter a task description.

4.  Select a project or assignee for the task.

Note: If you do not select the assignee, then a user who creates the task will be automatically selected as the assignee. If you don't want to specify the assignee, assign the task to a specific project. If an assignee is not specified for the task, the one who first starts the task will be assigned to the task as an assignee. If an assignee is set for the task and a different user starts the task, the assignee will not change.

5. Optionally, select a tag(s).

6. Click the check button to save the task or the cross button if you want to cancel the task.

 Tasks Page

Editing Tasks

You can edit a task on the Tasks page. If you change the task's description, project, assignee, or tags, the corresponding changes will also apply to all the time entries associated with this task. If you change the task's description or project in a time entry associated with the task, this time entry will no longer be linked to that task and will be regarded as a separate time entry. 

As mentioned above, tags can be assigned to a task on the Tasks page. Such tags are considered predefined tags. You can add or change the predefined tags in a time entry associated with this task. In this case, the tags relate only to this specific time entry and the time entry associated with the task is customized. Later, if you add or delete the predefined tags on the Tasks page, the changes will not apply to that customized time entry. In other words, the task and the time entry associated with this task need to have the same tags (or no tags at all) for the tags added/changed on the Tasks page to be reflected in the corresponding time entry.

Filtering and Grouping Tasks

On the Tasks page, you can filter tasks by project, assignee, tags, status (To do, Done, Both). Also, you can group the tasks by project and assignee.

Bulk Editing

Bulk editing lets you quickly edit multiple tasks at a time.

1. Click the menu next to the Add Task button. 

2. Select the required tasks.

3. On the top menu, change the required parameter:

  • change a project 
  • add/delete tags
  • change assignee (you can change the assignee for several tasks only within a single project). 
  • copy tasks to another project(s)
  • delete tasks 

Tracking and Viewing Time Spent on Tasks

You can start a task by clicking the Start timer for this task button. The time entry associated with the task will appear on the timesheet. 

 Start Task

If you hover over the time entry, you will see the icon next to the task description. Clicking the icon will return you to the Tasks page.

 Internal Task

To stop the task by clicking the stop button. 

 Stop Task

Note: Stopping the task will stop the timer.  

You can view the total time spent by users on a task by clicking the View time spent on task icon. This will open a detailed report showing the data related to this task. 

Completing Tasks

In TMetric, tasks can have two statuses: To do and DoneTo do tasks are pending tasks, whereas Done tasks are those that are already completed.

To complete a task, go to the Tasks page and click the Complete task icon on the required task. 

After you complete the task, it acquires status Done and is moved to the end of the tasks list. You can reopen the task by clicking the Reopen task icon.

A completed task can be edited, the changes will be reflected in all the time entries associated with the task.

Deleting tasks

To delete a task, click the Recycle Bin icon on the required task. After deleting a task, all the time entries associated with the task will remain, but they will not be linked to the task.

Note: If a user is deleted, all tasks assigned to him/her that have no project will be deleted too.

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