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Frequently Asked Questions

Time Tracking

Find answers to your questions that can arise when tracking time in TMetric.

Subscription & Billing

Get a more comprehensive understanding of subscription and billing in TMetric.

Productivity Tracking

Get deeper insights into how to track productivity in TMetric for analyzing and improving your business processes. 

Team Management

Discover more tips for managing your team members effectively in some particular situations.

User Guide

Getting Started

This section explains what a new TMetric user should know and do to quickly start tracking his work time.

Time Tracking

Learn how to manage and lock time, link tasks to time entries, set a required work schedule and permissions.

Productivity Tracking

Here you will find everything about productivity tracking - what activity level is and where to get user activity details.


General information about using reports in TMetric to review and analyze your time tracking data.


This section includes information about creating and editing different types of projects, setting up and analyzing budgets.


Refer to this section if you need more information about task management in TMetric and how to track time spent on tasks.

Team Management

In this section, you can read about team management - how to add people to your workspace, create a team, monitor and payroll its work.


Make invoicing painless, just go through a learning process described in this section and get paid on time.

Workspace Management

Configure your workspace, manage members, learn user roles and track your time as a team in TMetric.

Subscription & Billing

This section provides information about the subscription and billing process in TMetric to understand how it all works.


Integrate TMetric with various time and project management systems to track work time, create reports, and monitor your team.

Browser Extensions

This topic describes how to install and use the TMetric extension in different browsers to track tasks in external systems.

Desktop App

TMetric Desktop allows you to track time, enable tracking reminders, record user activity. It then seamlessly syncs data to the web version of TMetric.