TMetric Documentation

Managing Subscription

Who can manage subscriptions?

Only the account owner can view the current subscription plan and manage the subscriptions.

You can manage subscriptions from the Subscription page. Go to Manage and click Subscription. Under the Current plan tab, you will see the details of your account's current subscription. Under the All plans tab, you will find information about all the three plans available in TMetric.

Modifying subscriptions

On the Subscription page, you can change your subscription by upgrading or downgrading the plan, adding or deleting users, and changing the billing period. You can also turn on automatic renewal.

  1. Go to Manage on the main menu and click Subscription.
  2. Under the Current plan tab, click Modify subscription
  3. On the Modify subscription page, change the required settings and click Proceed to Checkout. You will be redirected to the payment gateway

As soon as the order is approved, your TMetric account will be updated automatically. 

Downgrading your current plan will not affect the original subscription lifetime. We recommend downgrading your account as close as possible to the end of your current subscription so you can make the most of the term already paid for.

Note: TMetric does not provide any refund for services already paid for. 


You will get a series of e-mail notification as your subscription is close to expiration:

  • 7 days prior to the expiration date
  • on the day of expiration
  • as soon as the subscription expires