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Subscription & Billing Overview

This topic provides general information about TMetric subscription and billing to help you understand how it all works. 

Who can Manage a Subscription

Only the account owner can view the current subscription plan and manage the existing subscriptions. It's a user who created the account. 

An account can only have one owner. However, the account owner can transfer account ownership to another user. You can learn more about this in the Managing Account Members topic.

Free Trial Period

When you sign up to TMetric, we create a new account with a 30-day trial subscription. But if someone invites you to TMetric, a new account is not created in this case. 

During the trial period, you can evaluate the product work. You can fully use all its features (available in Business and Professional plans) and add an unlimited number of users. 

You can see the number of trial days left at the bottom of your TMetric screen, as well as on the Subscription page. 

Learn How to Manage Your Subscription

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